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Ade has many writing credits across theatre, television and radio. Also writing under the name of David Howard in television, he has written for HEARTBEAT and DOCTORS as well as developing a number of original television projects and screenplays.


His DOCTORS episode ''The Sweet Silver Song of the Lark' was nominated for a Mental Health in the Media Award for its uncompromising portrayal of a schizophrenic woman sectioned by her family. 


Original radio drama includes the highly acclaimed CRY FOR ME: THE BATTLE OF GOOSE GREEN and HEARTS AND MINDS: THE SEIGE OF MUSA QALA.  He has also written numerous dramatisations and adaptations of novels and plays for Radio 4 including a dramatisation of Alan Le May's THE SEARCHERS: "It sounds like a film and it feels like a novel  - this could be the perfect radio dramatisation."

William Gallagher - RADIO TIMES


Theatre credits include an adaptation of TREASURE ISLAND for the Redgrave Theatre, Farnham, as well as BLUES AT TEN for The London Bubble and a number of plays for Youth Theatre at The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry and The Phoenix Arts Theatre, Leicester.



Production Title Producer                


drama) ITV1 (2007)     

Stumped          Dir: Roger Bamford; Prod: Archie Tait


DOCTORS (30' drama) BBC1 (2006)

Watch The Birdie 

Dir: David O'Neill; Prod: Beverly Dartnall
DOCTORS (2006)

Three's A Crowd 

Dir: Justin Edgar; Prod: Mike Hobson

DOCTORS (2005)

Like Father, Like Son 

Dir: Topher Campbell; Prod: Carol Harding

DOCTORS (2005)

The Sweet Silver Song of The Lark

(nominated for Mental Health in the Media Award)

Dir: Ian Barber; Prod: Win Mensah-Larbie 
DOCTORS (2004)

A Game Of Soldiers

(starring Peter Sallis) 

Dir: Steve Kelly; Prod: Beverly Dartnall
DOCTORS (2004)

Lost And Found

Dir: Martin Sharp; Prod: Beverly Dartnall
DOCTORS (2004)

Dead Man Talking

(starring Eric Sykes) 

Dir: Ian Barber; Prod: Beverly Dartnall
DOCTORS (2002)

Need To Know 

Dir: Nick Bamford; Prod: Beverly Dartnall
DOCTORS (2001)

Hot Pants

(starring Stephanie Powers) 

Dir: James Strong; Prod: Will Trotter
DOCTORS (2001)

Where There's Smoke 

Dir: Terry Iland; Prod: Will Trotter
DOCTORS (2001)

Get Out Of Jail Free

Dir: Dominic Keavey; Prod: Will Trotter
DOCTORS (2000)

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Dir: Julia Anne Robinson; Prod: Will Trotter
DOCTORS (2000)

Reasons To Be Cheerful 

Dir: Dominic Keavey; Prod: Will Trotter
DOCTORS (2000)

Sins Of The Father

(starring Tom O'Connor)

Dir: John Greening; Prod: Will Trotter
DOCTORS (2000)

Happy Families

Dir: Steve Kelly; Prod: Will Trotter
DOCTORS (2000)

On For Tonight

(starring Dulcie Gray) 

Dir: Craig Lines; Prod: Carson Black
DOCTORS (2000) 

Never Walk Alone 

Dir: Neil Adams; Prod: Carson Black


Production  Producer  Cast includes
The Searchers (60' Classic Serial, Radio4) James Robinson William Hope
Murder Under Trust: The Massacre at Glencoe (60' Saturday Play, Radio 4)  Bruce Young Paul Young, Brian Pettifer, Iain Robertson
The Butterfly (60' Classic Serial, Radio 4)  Kate MacCall John Chancer, Ashleigh Haddad 

Seance On A Wet Afternoon (60' Saturday Play, Radio 4)

 Bruce Young

Caroline Strong, Robert Glenister

Hearts and Minds: The Seige of Musa Qala (45' Afternoon Play, Radio 4)

James Robinson

Paul Copley

Cry For Me: The Battle of Goose Green (45' Afternoon Play, Radio 4)

James Robinson

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Michael Socha


Red File For Callan  (abr. 4x30', Radio 4xtra)

 Joanna Green

 Ben Miles

Between Two Worlds (85' Drama on Three,

Radio 3) 

Matt Thompson (Rockethouse) Owen Teale, Amanda Root

Bullitt (dramatisation 60' Saturday Play,

Radio 4)

Pauline Harris Jason Isaacs

The Living And The Dead (dramatisation 60' Saturday Play, Radio 4) 

Pauline Harris Michael Maloney, Sarah Smart

Genevieve (dramatisation 90' Saturday Play,

Radio 4) 

Tracey Neale Robert Bathurst, Samantha Bond

Pastoral (dramatisation 60'Saturday Play,

Radio 4) 

Marilyn Imrie Rachel Atkins, Brian Parr. 

Great Escapes (4 x 30' plays, Radio 4) 

Adrian Bean Michael Troughton

The Boys From Brazil (abr. 6 x 15' Radio 4 Xtra) 

Joanna Green Alex Jennings

Felidae (abr. 6x15, Radio 4Xtra) 

Joanna Green Anton Lesser

The Silver King by Henry Arthur

Jones (adaptation, 90' Radio 4) 

Adrian Bean John Duttine, Frances Barber

A Woman Of No Importance by

Oscar Wilde (adaptation, 90', Radio 4) 

Adrian Bean Diana Rigg, Michael Hordern




This Classic Serial was produced by James Robinson for BBC Cymru

and starred William Hope (ALIENS) as Amos Edwards.



"Scriptwriter Adrian Bean skips past the famous film and goes straight to Alan LeMay's original novel in this two-parter. It loses little of the wide-open and harsh Texas landscape of John Ford's movie yet it adds a more intimate, close-up look inside the characters. It sounds like a film and it feels like a novel - this could be the perfect radio dramatisation.

William Gallagher Radio Times.






Ade's original play about the infamous massacre of the MacDonalds by Campbell soldiers of the British Army in 1692. Commissioned and Produced by Bruce Young for BBC Scotland. 




Ade's original  45' drama for Radio 4 was broadcast to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War.


"Adrian Bean, the writer of this play, has directed almost every major soap or ongoing drama series on British television over the years. He knows what grips an audience. This is his first radio drama and I hope it won't be his last. He tells the horrifying, bloody story of the battle for the control of Goose Green in the Falklands War from the perspective of two young Argentinian soldiers. The voices and vernacular used by all the 'enemy' characters are entirely British, which seems odd at first, but by the terribly sad end, rams home the point that young soldiers have more in common with their peers on the other side than they have difference." (Jane Anderson, RADIO TIMES)


"...a gripping, poignant story... a compelling story of war..." 

Radio 4's Pick of the Week


Now available to download from AudioGo. Click here  




This original 45' play explores the seige of Musa Qala in Afghanistan, 2006, as experienced by three Taliban fighters. Cast includes Paul Copley. Produced in Cardiff by James Robinson.




Ade's 60' dramatisation of Mark McShane's dark novel starred Robert Glenister and 

Caroline Strong as Bill and Myra Savage, roles made famous by Richard Attenborough and Kim stanley in Brian Forbes classic 1964 film version. The play was produced by Bruce Young for BBC Scotland.


The Stormcock Drama set on a remote hill farm at the end of WW11.   
Bad Man Thriller: a man who was convicted of murder as a child is given a new identity but questions are asked about whether he was really guilty.   
Roll Over Beethoven Comedy-drama about the reforming of a school band for an anniversary concert.  


Treasure Island by

Robert Louis Stevenson

Redgrave Theatre, Farnham    Adrian Bean 

The Protect And Survive Jive 

Belgrade Youth Theatre,


  Adrian Bean


Phoenix Arts Community


  Adrian Bean

The Changing Room 

Winner, Phoenix Theatre Leicester 

Writing Competition



Blues At Ten

London Bubble

  Adrian Bean











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